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  1. QEven after curing is complete, the fan continues to sound.

    It is a self-cooling process to protect equipment and ensure long life. When curing proceeds, the internal temperature rises due to the heat generated by the UV LED itself as well as when curing proceeds on the surface of the curing target. When the temperature of the LED rises excessively, the internal protection circuit operates, curing operation stops, and the cooling fan operates. The Cure-M equipment cannot be used while the FAN is running but can only operate when the FAN operation is stopped. Tera Harz Cure equipment has an excellent cooling system for cooling the LED, so the equipment can be used even when the FAN is operating. However, Tera Harz Cure equipment has a set temperature at which it stops operating if the continuous use time is long. If the internal temperature rises too much, there is a risk of lowering the curing quality of some materials, so it is not recommended to use it excessively continuously.
  2. QWouldn't the UV LED emitted from the equipment be harmful to the human body?

    Our equipment has enough protection , so UV does not sneak out. Especially, the Tera Harz Cure equipment is made to see the inside so that you can check the curing progress inside, but it can also be used safely because it is made of a door made to prevent UV from leaking. However, if the door is suddenly opened during curing, the UV LED will turn off immediately. Even so, be careful because there might be a slight delay.
  3. QCan I bring the equipment used in Korea to a foreign country and use it as it is?

    Since all equipment are produced with free voltage, they can be used in different power environments such as Japan, the United States, Europe, China, and the United Kingdom.
  4. QHow much air should be injected into the nitrogen generator of Tera Harz Cure?

    The injected air required is over 7kgf/cm2, and the air production per minute is 50L/min. The air compressor pumps again when the tank is full of pressure and the compressed air is depleted beyond a certain level. Therefore, since the instantaneous production per minute may fluctuate slightly, it is recommended to use a compressor with a tank capacity of 20L or more rather than a compressor with a tank capacity that is too small. If you have other devices that use compressed air around you, you need a compressor with a larger tank capacity.
  5. QWhat happens if there is a lot of moisture in the air injected into the nitrogen generator of Tera Harz Cure?

    Moisture in compressed air is an important factor affecting curing quality. That is why an air filter is installed in the inlet of the nitrogen generator. Be sure to install the air filter in a vertical direction, referring to the installation manual. Even if an air filter is installed, excessive moisture may form on the air filter if the air being injected contains too much moisture. In this case, you need to drain the water directly from the filter so that the water does not exceed a certain level.(Refer to the service manual or contact our engineers or C/S team) A better way is to filter out as much moisture as possible from the air compressor and supply it to the air filter in front of the nitrogen generator.
  6. QWhen curing is performed on the Tera Harz Cure, the message "N2 is not activated" appears.

    There are three cases in which this message appears. First, in equipment that does not use a nitrogen generator, if the N2 button is activated in the curing condition setting window and nitrogen is not supplied, but the internal sensor thinks that nitrogen must come in, then it displays a message that nitrogen is not supplied. The second is when the nitrogen generator is connected, but air does not come out from the air compressor. In this case, you must check the operation of the air compressor. The third is when the internal sensor cannot detect it. It is recommended to use it after rebooting as the sensor may have a temporary problem. If the message appears continuously, please contact the C/S team.
  7. QThe message "The LED running time is approaching to the recommended life time." keeps popping up. Will the equipment still be usable?

    This message appears when the device reaches 90% of the recommended usage time. If this window is swiped down, there is no hindrance to using the device, and even if the LED module of the device has passed the recommended use time, the performance of the device does not deteriorate rapidly. However, it is recommended to replace the LED module by contacting the C/S team when the corresponding message window appears.
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