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Due to the advancement of 3D printing precision and material technology, 3D printing is being applied in various fields such as manufacturing, aviation, automobiles, defense, medicine, entertainment, fashion, and jewelry.

Additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, has overcome the shortcomings of subtractive manufacturing in manufacturing processes and R&D competitiveness, including cost reduction, process simplification, and work efficiency. Therefore, it’s the ultimately essential strategy to increase a company's competitiveness. Since a variety of 3D printing materials that satisfy the mechanical properties required in each field has been developed and equipment has been more sophisticated, production has gone from only small quantities of a large variety of products to massive quantities.

Graphy’s 3D printing materials for industrial use include not only materials like ABS, PP, PE, and PEEK, but also a variety of highly strong, wear-resistant, elastic, highly heat-resistant, and transparent materials. The materials are so various that a wide range of industrial is covered.

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