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CEO . Sim, Un seob

We are opening a new era of technology where you can experience the journey from the first to the best.
Graphy Inc. is an innovative pioneer in the 3D printing materials industry, gaining increasing recognition on the global stage.
Since our establishment in 2017, we have built expertise in 3D printer-based technology, new material technology,
and medical convergence technology, which are key components of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

We have successfully developed proprietary technologies for new materials used in 3D printers (photo-curable resins)
and hold both domestic and international patents. Currently, we supply specialized materials for various industries worldwide.

Graphy's technology is patented and certified by authorities such as the European CE and U.S. FDA.
Additionally, we have received government recognitions, including New Technology Product and World-Class Product certifications.
Our excellence is further validated by awards such as the Hi-Seoul Excellent Export Firm Mayor’s Award, Korea Evaluation Data's TI-2 Certification for Outstanding Technology Growth,
and the Ministry of Employment and Labor’s Future Creation Business Management Award.

With an evidence-based market approach, we export our flagship product, the Shape Memory Aligner, to 85 countries.
We anticipate additional orders from markets in North America, the Middle East, and Latin America.

Graphy’s Shape Memory Aligner, the world’s first shape memory material developed for transparent orthodontic devices
offers higher strength and elasticity compared to conventional reinforced plastic films. It allows for necessary thickness adjustments
and enables the direct 3D printing of transparent aligners optimized for patients’ teeth. Its biomechanical properties provide a gentle,
continuous force, making it an ideal solution for orthodontics.

As a first mover, not a fast follower, Graphy leads changes and pioneers new fields in the 3D printing materials industry.
Our new materials overcome the limitations of 3D printers, offering durability that allows the final printed products to be used directly,
and excel in eco-friendliness, safety, and cost competitiveness.

We aspire to make greater strides on the global stage and become a partner that aids the growth of domestic enterprises.
We are committed to overcoming challenges together and creating new cultures. We look forward to your continued interest and support in Graphy’s endeavors.

Thank you.
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About Us
We like to create specialized materials.
by Graphy Inc
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6th floor, 225, Gasan digital 1-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea (postal code: 08501)

T: +82-2-864-3056
F: +82-2-864-3057

Company Registration No. : 848-88-00661

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