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We like to create
specialized materials.

About Graphy Inc.

Graphy Inc. has succeeded in its source technology development of new materials (photo-curable resin) for 3D printers,
which is a key element of 4th industry.
Graphy Inc. is the first to sign material supply contracts and NDAs with multiple global printer manufacturing companies.
It was recognized for its quality and technical skills by world-famous chemical companies,
acknowledged as their official R&D partners, and signed business contracts with them to export all across the globe.

In particular, Graphy Inc. has been recognized worldwide for its technology capability by being the first in the world to successfully
commercializing direct 3D printing clear aligner material and the permanent crown and bridge material, which were great difficulties for the global orthodontic market.
Using this technology, we are promoting the development of the world's first integrated solution system.
We attracted investment from leading domestic pharmaceutical and medical group JW Holdings, and successfully attracted crowdfunding as well.
In addition, our technology and business feasibility have been verified by finalizing large-scale investments from renowned investing institutes in Korea,
thereby enabling us to focus more on stable material development, manufacturing, and export business.

Developing new materials is an important technology that can build up hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of technical value,
and one of the greatest strengths of Graphy Inc.
Graphy Inc. will develop various professional solutions, commercialize production through 3D printer as a specialized material,
and build up a differentiated value as a photo-curable resin and professional materials company.

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About Us
We like to create specialized materials.
by Graphy Inc
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6th floor, 225, Gasan digital 1-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea (postal code: 08501)

T: +82-2-864-3056
F: +82-2-864-3057

Company Registration No. : 848-88-00661

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