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UV Curing System

Tera Harz Cure is made by high UV Energy and Irradiance in order to reach the rapid curing time,
Maximized mechanical property such as both fiexural and tensile strength, and natural teeth shade.
For the perfect photopolymerization with the ideal chemical reaction, it can adjust the UV Power (Lv.1 to Lv.5) and
curing time. High Power UV LEDs are located with optimized arrangment both top and side.

※ Nitrogen Curing (Optional)

With Nitrogen generator, Graphy Materials can reach the maximum mechanical property, color,
prevention of water absorption, and Etc.

To maximize
material properties
High Power UV intensity
and irradiance
More faster
Post curing(1-10mins)

7.9” Touch

CureM curing unit’s necessity for 3D printed objects

- To prevent a shrinkage and discoloration / To reach full monomer conversionfor a various purpose

- To obtain the optimum tensile and flexural strength


- Memory Function (Up to 5 Mode)

- Diagnostic Function

- Safety System (Auto Power-off)

- Light Uniformity

- 7.9” Touch Screen