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Graphy Laboratory is trying our best to provide the ideal solution to customers and realize Graphy’s vision “We like to create specialized materials.”

Based on independent composite capacity, we’ve been doing R&D on 3D printing materials and therefore now we have ISO-13485, CE, and FDA approved. We have technology and experience in commercialization such as mass production and sales for R&D product.
We developed world’s first material for clear direct aligner. Major R&D products are dental materials (Direct Aligner, C&B, Model, Surgical Guide, (Flexible) Denture, Casting, Mouth Guard, Night Guard), medical materials (3D casting, Artificial joint, Prosthetics), industrial materials (ABS, PC, PP, TPU-like, Casting) and we focus on the development of various 3D printing materials.
Our Lab members are those with full of dream and passion who want to express every object around us with photopolymer 3D printer. Beyond imagination, we create photopolymer specialized materials having new property.


Synthesis of High Functional Oligomer

Securing oligomer synthesis technology and developing oligomer with various performance

New Product Development

Development of high functional specialized materials to meet customers’ needs

Evaluation of Product Property

Property evaluation with professional devices such as UTM, FT-IR, and electronic microscope

Global R&D Network

Close cooperation with excellent domestic and overseas companies & labs to secure the technology which will make us the leader in global market

Organization Chart


We like to create specialized materials.
About Graphy Laboratory

2017. 01 Establishment of Seoul Lab

2020. 02 Domestic approval on prosthetic and aligner materials

2020. 04 CE approval on prosthetic and aligner materials / Domestic approval on surgical guide

2019. 07 Establishment of Busan Lab

2020. 03 Establishment of Ulsan Lab / Domestic approval on mouth guard and tray materials

2020. 08 CE approval on surgical guide material

Main Research Area

We like to create specialized materials.
Graphy Laboratory


Development of world’s first material for clear direct aligner, High intensity, High impact resistance, Development of non-toxic C&B and denture material

(1) Compared to existing transparent orthodontic device, we developed materials which makes orthodontics easier

(2) Developed Asia’s first material for permanent prosthetics / Developed materials which has no change in property inside mouth

(3) Developed the first flexible denture material in the world


Material development for 3D casting, artificial joint, and prosthetics

(1) Bio-compatible material development

(2) Material development with fast printing speed and high accuracy for artificial joint and internal organ


Product development satisfying various property requested by each industrial site such as impact resistance, heat-resistance, and hardness

(1) High functional material development to replace existing plastic (ABS, PP, PC) and engineering plastic

(2) Casting material development for Jewelry production

Graphy evaluates 3D printing material property using a variety of high-tech analyzers and maintains the high quality of mass product based on Graphy’s analytical know-how.