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Cure M
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05. First Penguin Startup Company by Korea Credit Guarantee Fund selected.

05. Certification of CE Class2a

04. Designated as Hi-Seoul brand company

02 . KFDA medical device manufacturer approval

02 . Certification of KFDA C&B permanent prosthetic material medical device class2 (Asia’s first and world’s first as 200MPa)

02 . Certification of KFDA World’s first direct printable aligner material medical device class2



01 . Attracted Investment of 'JW Holdings’

02 . Awarded from the head of the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety

03 . Succeeded in Crowd Funding -Crowdy

04 . Successful Funding of Investment Authority A Series

04 . T-4 Certification of Technology Competent Companies

05 . Selected as overseas branch office project by KOTRA

11 . Exhibited FORMNEXT2019 and business partnership to be followed with numerous global companies

12 . MSS (Ministry of SMEs and Startups Award, NIPA (National IT Industry Promotion Agency) Promotion Award

12 . Cure M selected as the excellent invention by Korea Invention Promotion Association



01 . Registered patent of digital casting

04 . Signed a supply contract with global 3D Printing company

04 . Certified as an excellent business for its competence and technology competitiveness

04 . Manufacture of casts and splints using 3D data 'Certificate of Excellent Technology Evaluation’

06 . Selected as a finalist for Start-up Item commercialization at Start-up College

06 . Successful development of clear aligner and new materials

09 . Certified for development technology of 3D casting production solution as Technical Competent Enterprise

09 . Received Grand prize at Challenge K-Startup Innovative Startup League



01 . Establishment of Graphy, Inc.

06 . Establishment of R&D center.

08 . Acquired OR LASER(German) Metal 3D Printer Dental & Medical distributorship

09 . Received Venture Business Certification.

10 . Exported its materials to China.

11 . Factory registration completed.