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CEO . Sim, Un seob

Graphy Inc. is specialized in 3D printing based technology which is an important element of the 4th industrial revolution as well as new material and medical convergence technology.

In addition to supplying 3D printers, we have developed and manufactured 3D printing new materials (photocurable resin) S Plastic, Tera Harz, and exported to the world.
We are in the unique position in these business fields in Korea and have been recognized by the world.

In particular, we export our materials all over the world selected by the world's largest chemical company as an official partner in the 3D printer material business. We have already singed NDA and supply contracts with leading companies in the world and aim to be the world's largest company in the material business.
Using this technology, we are developing dental, medical, digital casting solutions (S/W, H/W).

We will not only stay in manufacturing and development, but we will also be the leading role of 4th industry innovation by supplying 3D solution to dental and dental laboratory businesses, metal 3D printer businesses, and various specialized 3D printing solution business based on 3D printing material technology.

We will continue striving for greater future success.
Thank you.